United 127 Campaign | Unity Foster Ministries

Imagine not being able to hug, kiss and play with your kids. To only be able to see them through a computer screen for months and months. Can you? Just the thought breaks my heart into pieces.

This is the reality for many parents with kids in foster care—working hard towards reunification yet not being able to interact face-to-face with their kids over the past 9 months. This puts a massive toll on the emotional and mental health of kids in foster care.

When the world shutdown in March due to the pandemic, so did visitation centers. Many closed down indefinitely, leaving foster kids and parents isolated.

Unity Foster Ministries, Inc. seeks to change this. With your help they can open both a mobile and brick-and-mortar visitation center to bring foster kids and families back together again in a clean, safe environment.

For $27/month (or one time donation of $324) you can support their mobile visitation center.

At $127/month (or one time donation of $1524) you can support their brick-and-mortar location.

I know you, like many others, wonder how you can make a tangible difference in your community, here's how.
Visit: http://fosterunited.org/Unity127/ and support Unity Foster Ministries in their mission to bring foster kids and families back together.

Thank you to Jason for bringing us on the team for the Unity 127 campaign.